Frank E. Amsalem is a licensed real estate broker in the States of Florida and California. He is also a former attorney who practice law in Florida for over a decade in the fields of real estate law, immigration law, family law, commercial and insurance litigation and appeals. He has helped numerous foreigners immigrate, invest and integrate in Miami and other parts of Florida and California. He has earned a Master Degree in International Law from the Sorbonne (University of Paris) prior to his practice in the United States.

Frank Amsalem reprsented himself pro se in his personal divorce while he was both an active attorney and after his license lapsed. He has used his own case to bring about change and fairness in the family court system and he has become a fervant children's rights advocate and activist. He has incorporated in this website many resources which pro se litigants can use in family court.


Frank Amsalem's oral argument before the Third Disctrict Court of Appeals against Lorillard Tobacco in the case of French v. Lorillard in 2009 at the 26 minute mark. His argument set a precedent in the matter.

Third District Court of Appeal's opinion denying Lorillard Tobacco Company's appeal

Third District Court of Appeals decision in Frank Amsalem's personal custody matter. Frank Amsalem asked the trial court to recuse herself and after she refused to do so, the Third District Court of Appeals entered an order prohibiting her from presiding in his case. She eventually recused herself thereafter..

Third District Court of Appeal's opinion granting Frank Amsalem's Writ of Prohibition in Amsalem v. Amsalem case


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